martedì 29 maggio 2012

Tua mamma.

"Yeah, that's what your mum said last night"

Stan Smith

martedì 22 maggio 2012

Just T. being T.

"Tony Soprano: All this from a slice of capicolla?

Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Kind's of like Proust's madeleines

A.: What?

S.: Marcel Proust wrote a seven voume classic: "remembrance of things past". He took a bite of a madeleine, it's kind of a tea cookie he used to have when he was a child, and that one bite unleashed a tide of memories of his childhood, and ultimatley of his entire life.

A.: This sounds very gay."

Tony Soprano & Jennifer Melfi

mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

Migliorerò se faccio pratica?

"Giù verso il fiume
 fosforo e blu
 ciò che importava
 importa non più".

Afterhours - Fosforo e Blu

lunedì 7 maggio 2012

Ciao Ramiro

"Caffè Colombia. One touch & go"

Roberto Scarpini

martedì 1 maggio 2012

La sicurezza prima di tutto.

"The problem with eating and driving, which I love to do, is not being able to have my hands on the wheel at the 10 and 2 position. It's a matter of public safety."

Dexter Morgan